it’s kinda messed up that winnie the pooh and jack the ripper both have the same middle name

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please keep making pacific rim movies I don’t care how shitty they are i would gladly watch ‘pacific rim 37: newt ate all the fucking pizza rolls again’

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the entire lord of the rings from the rings perspective

hand hand river dirt gollum hobbits pockets pockets finger envelope fire hand neck neck finger hobbits neck neck neck pocket finger LAVA

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Women are considered fragile but I’ve never seen anything as easily wounded as a man’s ego. (via tea-storm)

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but first, let me take a selkie (steals a mythical half-seal creature from scotland)

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russian literature: a summary

ivan ivanovich ivanov is an upper middle class student who is madly in love with maria petrovna petrova!
BUT maria petrovna petrova loves dmitri dmitrivich dmitrov who is a nihilist upper middle class student!
ivan ivanovich ivanov goes through a long soul-searching journey before realizing all life is petty and meaningless and eventually dying alone and unloved of tuberculosis
while dmitri dmitrivich dmitrov marries maria petrovna petrova

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Reblog if you wouldn’t mind getting some anons.



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